This site is all about the ecclesiastical work of textile artist Ruth Black. I hope you enjoy browsing the site and that you find it easy to navigate. 

Most of this work is inspired by Scotland, its history, its fabrics and by traditional Pictish and Celtic art.

My tartan-lined and embroidered stoles have travelled to all parts of the world. Some of my work can be seen by appointment at my studio in Inchmore - 6 miles from Inverness on the A862 Inverness to Beauly road. Most of what I am able to show you are things I have made for my husband (such as the stole pictured below right) - so I would need to bring them out to the studio.  i.e. an appointment is essential if you want to see actual examples!  Everything else I have made has already gone to the client, unless you happen to be lucky enough to catch me with work in progress.

Durham - 31st January 2017

Thanks to all who came to visit me at the vestments fair in Cranmer Hall, Durham.  It was good was to meet many of the students and clergy of the area. It was particularly pleasing to put faces to the names of some clients I had previously only dealt with by phone and email.  My selection of vestments on show was limited to those I have made for my husband - all the others go off to clients as soone as they are made, but I hope that along with my photographs, they gave a flavour of the work I do.

Throughout the site you can see images of things I have made over the years.  Everything is individually made, to order only.  You can order a stole with one of my stock designs online, but for everything else you need to contact me, either directly by email (link at bottom of each page), or using the forms provided. If you want any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I always try to make things that have particular significance for the recipient, perhaps by the design or by the choice of fabric.  Much of what I do incorporates tartan, but this is not essential - I am happy to work with plain fabrics and traditional damasks, silks and wools.  What I don't work with are cheap synthetics!  If you are looking for off-the-peg, bargain basement vestments, then keep looking.  But if you want something special that combines history and tradition with meticulous work to create a vestment or parament that will stand the test of time, then you have come to the right place.

Pictured above right - "Walsingham Lectern Fall" - made for the Scottish congregation of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham with Scottish Odyssey tartan and featuring an interpretation of the statue of Our Lady at the Walsingham shrine.

Pictured near right - "Uganda Stole" - made with Scotland Forever tartan and featuring St Martin's cross from Iona and the national symbol of Uganda within knotwork that envelops the Eucharistic symbols

Pictured far right - All-over knotwork embroidery made with the Scottish Odyssey tartan and featuring a hand-woven bullion fringe.


Green lectern fall


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